Sahel Ettehad Company

Sahel Ettehad manufacturing company with SemcoPlast brand is the producer of a variety of plastic barrels, plastic industrial parts, components of heavy and industrial cars, components of hostpital beds, plastic building blocks and urban furniture equipment. Having blow moulding machines with capacity of 10 to 2000 liters, this company has outstanding ability in in producing Pneumatic tire and according to this, it has owned monopolies in variety of industrial, constructive and vehicle fields.

Having plastic injection machines up to 1000 tons of capacity is the most sensible characteristics of Sahel Ettehad company. Sahel Ettehad company offers pneumatic and injection components using Iranian and foreign raw material to it’s customers.

Meanwhile, Sahel Ettehad company has a particular expertise in manufacturing, tooling and installing modular tanks for saving and shipping any kind liquids and hence it has solicitorship of Korean companies for GRP tanks up to 5000000 liters and eco tank company for static galvanized modular tanks up to 2500000 liters. .